Ugandan Movies Nominated in this Year’s African Magic Viewers Choice Awards, Check Full list of Nominees

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Opening the new year with achievements and good things, its like the rituals done on the new born baby. By the look of things, it seems this is going to be a great year for the Ugandan Movie Industry. Good news reveal that two Ugandan Movies from the Same Director have scooped two Nominations in the Prestigious African Magic Viewers Choice Awards [AMVCA]. Award winning movies at the annual Uganda Film Festival House Arrest and Call 122 all directed and produced by Joseph Ken Ssebagala of ZENKEN FILMS have been Nominated in different categories at this Years AMVCAs. Ken Ssebagala has had the best time of his carrier, having produced quality works last year, all the efforts have been paid off with a bunch of accolades. House arrest was a Blockbuster,  a very contemporary story, drama-thriller about a lonely widow struggling with an evil spell and memories of her abusive late husband, it was amazing and Mutebi Farooq’s physically-grueling role in Call 112, a movie about human organ trafficking was extraordinary, he has catchy scenes and trust me the movie has gone places. With great support, we shall get these awards home, so do the needful.



The AMVCA is an acknowledgement and celebration of the contribution made by Pan African filmmakers, actors and technicians to the success of the continent’s film & television industries.It honors the rich entrepreneurial and creative spirit of the African filmmaker. Therefore, the AMVCA will endeavor to cultivate and inspire new talent within the various Pan African industries through its development programme.
They will take place in Lagos, Nigeria on March 4th and 5th March, 2016.


Check out the full list of nominees below;
Tell Me Sweet Something
Road To Yesterday
House Arrest [Uganda]
-Jane and Abel
-How to find a Husband
-Officer Titus
-Daddy’s Girls
-Being Mrs Elliot
-The First Lady
-Oracle Online
-Jaja the Great
-Being Mrs Elliot
-Common Man
-Kpians-the feast of souls
-House Arrest [Uganda]
-Gbomo Gbomo Express
-Being Mrs Elliot
-Officer Titus
-Caught in the Act
-Head gone
-Jenifa’s diary
-Road to Yesterday
-Tell me Sweet Something
-Gbomo gbomo express
-Road to yesterday
-Don’t cry for me
The visit
-Tell me Sweet Something
-Road To Yesterday
-A soldier’s story
-Special Crimes Unit: Lasgidi Cops
-Tell Me Sweet Something
-A Soldier’s Story
-Stolen Water
-A soldier’s story
-The Department
-Common man
-The refugees
-Elephant in the room
-Panic Button
-A Day with Death
-Blood Taxi
-A Cup of Sugar
-Taxi driver (Oko Ashewo)
-Binta Ofege
Best Movie – West Africa (Drama/Comedy)
-Road to yesterday
-Candle in the wind
-Tell me Sweet Something
-The Missing God
-Udo Gba koi koi
-Usekwu Igbo
-Sarki Jatau
-Inji Yan’ Ca Ca
-Baya Da Kura
-Dadin Kowa
-CALL 112 (Uganda)


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RudeBoy Music The Album: New Release “EveryWhere We Go” The RudeBoyRemix

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Rude boy kella McKenzie  has released a second track off the Rude Boy music Album that has recently got everyone excited.Flex D Paper a.k.a The New School Leader, the Fresh Prince of Kampala teams up with Mckenzie, for an Afro Inspired Hip-Hop collaboration “EveryWhereWeGo” The RudeBoyRemix, a new dope track produced by the mighty Aethan .

Download “Everywhere we go” By McKenzie ft Flex D’paper.

Everywhere i go
Everywhere i go

The album will consist more of various Ugandan artistes and McKenzie recruited Baru of BaruBeats, Aethan & Samurae for it’s production and this combination gets this much anticipated Album a master Piece.
Among the many reasons you don’t have to miss this album, one is the fact of transition that McKenzie has for our ears with all the earned experience  through out his stay in this game.

This is one of the those rare hip-hop projects that undoubtedly no one should even think about missing , because probably if you take time listening to almost all the already released tracks like Winner’s Circle and Everywhere we go Rude boy mix, am sure you can’t stay the same. McKenzie is celebrating 10 years in the radio and the hip-hop industry put together and so this project will be a decade long celebration, as well as a way of celebrating Ugandan hip-hop journey.
Despite the fact that at times you may not find McKenzie rapping on some if not all tracks, he actually uses different artistes on different tracks to send his message through Censorship and experience which makes his projects worthy. I personally believe in his works and efforts, he does a project and real gives it his whole. it Keep you ears ready.

Rudeboy music The Album
Rude boy music The Album

Download Winner’s Circle by Apass, Atlas and Ivory Namara off the “Rude boy Music THE Album”

KCCA FC Knocked Out of the CECAFA Kagame cup

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In a battle for who will face Gor Mahia in finals of the Cecafa kagame cup 2015, Tanzania based team have thumbed Ugandan side KCCA FC 1-0.In a match with a lot of efforts and missed chances, It had to go down to one team and it only took a goal for Azam Fc to go through to the finals.

The game started with pressure and extraordinary pace from both teams, the first half was 50-50 both in play and possession with both teams having major intentions to take on the lead. In the early minutes of the first half, Azam captain bocco had instincts to get the game out of the shell, but was denied by KCCA goal keeper Opio.


In the 35th minute of the game, Isaac Sserunkuma had a Golden chance to put the “Kasasiro Men” in the lead missing a keeper to beat chance. Both sides could have been easily on the score sheet but their was a lot of missed chances in the first half.


69′ minutes later, Joseph Ochaya went so close with a heavy shot on target but he was denied by Azam Goal Keeper Manula. As the game continued to get more open, Tchetche struggled to cope with Awany and Wasswa’s aerial presence; he was replaced by Didier Kavumbagu after 74 minutes. A minute later Shah Farid Mussa separated the two sides tapping in from Amy Ali’s cross

Now Azam Fc will face Kenyan Side Gor-Mahia in the CECAFA Kagame Cup

KCC Line Starting Up

Emmanuel Opio, Denis Okot, Habib Kavuma, Hassan Wasswa Dazo, Timothy Awany, Tom Masiko, Ivan Ntege, Hakim Ssenkumba, Isaac Sserunkuma (Shaban Kondo), Muzamiru Mutyaba, Joseph Ochaya Subs: Benjamin Ochan, Mpiima Saka, Dan Nsubuga, Owen Kasule, Farooque Matovu, Shaban Kondo, Michael Birungi

Lyrics: Bwosumagila-New By St Nellysade

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Bwosumagila by St nellysade
Bwosumagila by St nellysade

what sup ladies and gentlemen
St Nellysade is back once again (Nkomyeewo nate)
oukinz on the beat, Kikola Sense, Lawraid Vybz, Kakubiddewa

St Nellysade aahhh Urban Aksent Music
Mpita omukoonyi nze nkone, mpita omuloosi nze ndoote
Nzivunule ng’ebirooto bwo, owujaale kiwujjo nze mpujje,
obudde obuuuze, zilimeka? nkoona ntya, nfudde ntya,
nkuzze nkuseeleza
Si byakiwaanyi nkoobye muntamu, njifuddemu, njiluddemu, ani addamu,
mpaayo ayinze kukyuusa bya Luga Flow, njileese, eli ku tray, tuula okalile
ani awalila, nsikensike, mpikempike kyinaaba kyiddo,Nile esonze omwooyo gulinye, elyaato ligenda,
tujja, tujja
Kyiwunzik’oliyita ejjengo, mpujaala, nsotta kuluna engalabi nkuby’ebiri, jjawo amadinda,
genda lindako, vva mukyenda sotta sotta.
Nkwaatilira attaagwe, eyeetengelera attuke, alinye, akoppe, koppaaa


Bwosumagila ngaana (ngaana)
N’ebwendaba anteeka nze ninya, ab’enugu apaana (apaana)
Nsomessa banajja, nkyamula batuula, bw’owakana ngaana (ngaana)
ntuuse , numbye gwe ate olinze (x3)
St Nellysade
Sikubye kebe ssebo maali y’abato, walumbe mubbi omuziki ndeese, numbye n’abiddi,
Kalangala, Kololo, Koboko ninye amaato gwe nkutte n’enkasi,
nsomoseza, nsomeseza, abaali abazila, agaali amakula, okwattula bbiri, taano, mukaaga, kampala yange,
ngenze ne tray, ssi majji, ssi nyaanya, zivudde Luga , Zivudde Luga,
Boss welaba, ngaanye okudda, Kaakyaamye amamela beat wunzikaaa.
(Ambulance sirens)
Ntuuse na flow, sikiwaanyi nkuwadde floor, agenda lindako nkujjemu otulo, eyeyita pro,omuteesi wa lo (Law)
nkujamu maalo, nellysade, nze mukyaamu kyikyaali kyituuza,gwe linda tudde
ka Ladiy’otege amweenya amweenye, mpeelezza, nyumisiza nze nkuza bujja,
tugamba mpuungu bagamba kalooli, gw’ awakanyizza nkyitukiliza gw’owuliliza ani wakanyizza

St nellysade

Siwakana nawe ng’onteeka, nanyini ma raapu nze ndeeta haha,
nkoona ndeeta ng’obuuza, ani mutuukilivu ani eyabye show, (Blu blu)
Nkuwa gokya hey, ngenda n’abigenda sidda mabega,
Amagezi g’ata ngatta, ndeeta luganda fake nkuleka okomba
Sisabiliza ng’ongaana, ate ku mic olusi ogaana
Ngenda n’abigenda, silina n’abudde mbu twakisa nkuleka osinda,
nkugaaya kyijjaasi ng’ompyaata, bweba battle nkuleka osinda,
nkuwujjako, bwo’ba onyooka, nti bugu bugu ob’ozaayo,
ate siwakana nawe ng’ogaana, njogela ba rapper ng’owakana,
ngamba fair rapper, oleeta fake rapper, sitoole z’akitto ob’onyiiza,
nyiize, zivuddeko, nkuwaddewo sitoole zizo anti onzikutteko,
buuza nzilemu, nze nteleddemu ng’etaala okuli ekibya


Download “Bwosumagila” by St Nellysade here Download

The Ugandan Jay-Z

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Reading the title of this post, might make you Tamale Mirundi trying to cope up asking yourself who the hell is Ugandan Jay-Z. no worries, you just need to scroll down.

Commonly referred to as “The Ugandan Jay-Z” ,St. Nelly-Sade real names “Nsubuga Nelson”, is a Ugandan Lugaflow rapper, storyteller and extraordinary lyricist.
Introduced by the Hip Hop Canvas album 2009 and 2010 to the music scene as he narrates in his “Nzijukira” song, paving way for more open opportunities which later helped him have prescences on WAPI, End of the Weak Uganda, Spoken Truth and Mic Stand Hip Hop night, as well as having performances on both national and international stages like the  Bayimba International Festival of the Arts, Uganda Hip Hop Summit, as well as performances in Arusha Tanzania as well as various regions all over east Africa.
He is an ambassador of the End of the Weak International Hip Hop Festival.


Nelly-Sade started serious rapping in 2002 under the Hip-Hop Gangstarz group which later had to break up, though for his case he did not put his tools down.
He then joined the “Bavubuka All Starz” foundation along with a few of his peers, with whom later emerged from the foundation to form a group known as the “Luga Flow Army” which is still in running till now.With hit singles like “Tubale”, “Nzijukira”,
“Kakuubidde wa” and “Nva Ntinda” “Neighbour (kankuwaneko)”, Love story, “Nina Plan”, You and I, “ebbaluwa” among other he has proved to the industry that is one to stay.

St Nellysade Kakubiddewa

St Nelly Sade is one who sits his fans on a mat to articulate and share his deepest thoughts and emotional stories through diverse sounds that are characterized by snares and kick drums.
Think about st nellysade and you will get a clear definition of what luga flow is all about. He feeds LugaFlow with simplicity, passion and love through his well organized lyrics, content, nice flow on extremely interesting beats, tapping every corner of his culture.
If he was doing his raps in english, you would definitely be calling him “the Ugandan Jay-Z”. He has die-hard fans that would not spend a day without listening to one of his tracks, evidenced by the way people purchase his works and the feedback he receives.

Two years back, St Nelly Sade curved a tunnel of evolution for himself from being an ordinary underground emcee and to an established mainstream rapper. He has created a level of lyricism, flow, artistry and wordplay which he takes from his debut album to his new album leaving him with no choice but only to prove his sheer talent and credibility on the mainstream hip-hop arena as well as better his highly rated debut album.

Stories of Elevation Album

Having released his debut album “The translation (Okutaputa)” in 2013 which was the first hip-hop album to sell out album copies, he has a new album the sophomore Omulondo N’engero (Stories of elevation) which is also doing good.

He has also collaborated with the veteran Lyrical G, keko, Moth, Navio, Ruyonga, nadujja among others and also featured on the UG Cypher 1.
And has also had several nominations like the Teeniez Hottest Hip hop song in Buzz
Teens awards in 2014 and Best Luga flow artist in the raising star awards

You can Download his new track “Bwosumagila” here

Mister Deejay: Making Uganda Music Worth a Listen

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An Arsenal Die-Hard fan, Experienced and interesting DJ, radio presenter, publisher of a weekly podcast focusing on Ugandan and African music and culture is what can describe a gentleman who has made Ugandan Music walk a step ahead in the little time he has been part of this industry.

He’s simple, Joyous and knows how to do his thing, which eventually paid him with an opportunity to feature on the Big Brother house party a few years back

If u are the type that knows, believes and follows good Uganda music in its depth, you definitely know Mister Deejay the guy behind the Saturday night radio show Dubbed “Saturday Night Mix Show” on Radiocity 97fm.
On his show, mister deejay gives in his all, from the energy, encouragement, happiness and Creating a platform for whoever needs it, to giving his listeners the best experience week in week out.

image Mister deejay with Sylvester Kabombo an Hip-hop veteran Artist

With no requests, no shout outs among other restrictions, roll call and power hour sessions, and a great social media following , Mister deejay and the producers of this show (SNMS) Makes it so Unique and One not to Miss.This also helps the team take easy structured decisions for a better listen ship.
Several artists have had the opportunity for constant interviews, album reviews, audio premieres among other activities on the show.It has been a platform for a number of artists to show case their works, get recognized and interact with their fans who at exactly 8pm get glued to radio-city to have their weekly dose of fun. Every last Saturday of the month is Strictly for Uganda Music where only Ugandan Music is played through out the show. Mister Deejay’s love for Ugandan music in a certain interview when asked about what efforts he has done so as to make sure Ugandan music is heard, got him saying
“The best thing we (or any radio or TV show) can do for Ugandan music is just recognize it is there, recognize that it is good, and give it a platform whenever possible. On SNMS we never look at t. things on a macro level. Our remit is simple: search for good local urban music”
We wish to appreciate the effort of this presenter for his contribution on raising bars of Ugandan Music

Do You Know about the Ziva Muntuuyo Trend??

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11665744_10152786987876324_3830504686493731657_n I Strongly believe in anyway you have come across this catchy word “Ziva Muntuuyo” which literally means “begotten through sweat”, a Phrase which describes a persons hard work and sweats, a word that talks more about a daily hustle for a bunch of people as well as a representative of what goes behind every success. Or else you have seen and heard about the name Sylvester Kabombo the man behind this successful clothing line. Briefly, Sylvester Kabombo  is a member of a Ugandan veteran socially conscious hip-hop duo (Sylvester & Abramz) and a member of the Break-dance Project Uganda (BPU)

Sylvester Kabombo “Ziva Muntuuyo”

Together with the Bayimba Cultural Foundation, he (Sylvester) also coordinates the Hip-Hop programme named Youth and Hip-hop project

Sylvester passes on the skills he has learnt over the years in the music industry to the the younger generation which he sees as the future of the genre.

He started up a  Clothing Line which was Inspired by his new Album track titled Ziva Muntuuyo which has received overwhelming attention both on social Media and i guess in his pockets since his clothing line has extended its market from selling the branded T-shirts and jumpers in a bag to having  partnership branches. Currently selling the #ZivaMuntuuyo merchandise at Makaveli Inc, located at Kamu Kamu Plaza, 1st Floor, Shop FF 14 where he relocated from HighRollerz Fashion House @ Hotel Equatorial Mall, Bombo Rd, where the T-shirts were first sold

the Nice looking Ziva Muntuuyo Jampers

These Trendy T-shirts are now almost everywhere, With an awesome and classic material, the catchy phrase and awesome colors, these T-shirts are a must purchase and will make you Stand out as soon as you get out of your room.They look smart and trendy across all ages. He is currently working on the #ZivaMuntuuyo stickers so that for every purchase of either the album or the T-shirt, one gets this sticker. This is an amazing offer added onto an amazing brand.Sylvester has had several designed T-shirts like OMULYA MAMBA and MPAAYO AKASEERA which were also received so well across the country

You got to purchase the Ziva Muntuuyo T-shirt, Support the Brother , support Hip-hop for the better. Do not forget to pass by Makaveli Inc, located at Kamu Kamu Plaza, 1st Floor, Shop FF 14 to purchase the #ZivaMuntuuyo album, T-Shirts, Jumpers as well as a free sticker.
Connect with him on facebook by clicking here
You can also download his new track the remix of the #ZivaMuntuuyo track Here


Ugandan New Short Film ” AKELLO” turns into a Girl Campaign.

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If you want to change a whole people, then you start with the girls. It stands to reason: they learn faster, and they pass on what they learn to their children. That is the phrase and meaning carried to the recently premiered Short Film AKELLO. An 18 minutes short film written and directed by social justice film maker and activist Busulwa Gabriel Walta and produced by Neeraj Vishwakarma. “Akello” is based on real life stories that are currently happening to girls around Africa, it tells a story of a 14 year old who was influenced by fellow peer in school to date an older guy who later got pregnant and was sent away from home.
The well written story now has turned guns to embark on a campaign to end teenage pregnancy in Africa.

The Movie had its first screening on January 2017 during the 3rd African Union week in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, from there it screened in more than 12 African countries and then in Uganda.

Akello Premiere

Girls are powerful. Girls have potential. Girls can change the world. And yet in certain places around the world, girls continue to lack access to opportunities.

Girls living in Uganda face a number of challenges that can impact their well-being, education development and their future. Those attending school often face gender bias and discrimination in textbooks, the curriculum, and from the teachers themselves. In poorer or more rural families, it is more difficult for girls to attend school, as education is often considered only important for boys. Girls in Uganda are more likely to drop out of school, marry early, and experience poverty than their male counterparts.

Uganda has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Sub-Saharan Africa at over 25%.

“We decided to use the film as a key campaign driver in order to reach out a lot of young people, parents , stake holders and policy makers across Africa”, Says Walta.

Campaign objectives.

• Create awareness on the rising cases on teenage pregnancy.

• To promote parent to child free information sharing.

• To create free information access from teacher to students.

• Influence on policies in Africa on women.

• To open high level dialogues and symposiums on girl education.

Target audience.

Refugees, Policy Makers, Youth/University Students / High school students, Religious leaders, Women, Entertainers, Families, Young people

Activities includes Dialogue discussions from community level, participatory theatre and mass sensitization, community screening and engagement, education related workshops, teacher training, parent and child community lab and community activities fellowship.

For the of love the Ugandan Movie Industry.



Limit Production takes you through the crazy Mistakes Girls Do in their Fresh new TV Series.

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You should write a book,” Ron told  Hermon,( in Harry Potter the book) as he cut up his potatoes, “translating mad things girls do so boys can understand them.

However mad and complex a human gets, i personally never think it beats the madness and complexity of a female creature, they live a life that is truly unpredictable, dynamic, confusing and mind blowing. i guess its harder to understand girls than the Ugandan government at times. Behind the make up and the beautiful plastic copied smiles lies both smart and stuck brains, humor, ego, wishes, dreams, fantasy, tears, excitement, love and a bunch of other things that the world has never gotten enough of.

In an effort to bring you closer to the world of girls and their effects to the environment around them, Limit Production (A Ugandan Movie making company) the makers of ‘The Only Son’ and ‘Freedom’ magnifies and breaks down what evolves around the feminine world in a fresh new TV series dubbed “MISTAKES GIRLS DO” . Multi-Award winning Director Richard Mulindwa gives what seems to be a normal title uniqueness and tells a story that many would read about but never get enough of.  He takes us through the definition of girls and the common mistakes they do, the challenges, the emotions, the life, the tears, the comedy, drama and the complexity.

Anticipated to bring out an amazing screen play and production, having had great locations, cast and crew, Mistakes Girls Do comes amidst competition from TV Series Like ‘The Honorable, ‘The Coffee Shop’, ‘Second Chance’ among others. it features Fashionista, Model, socialite and talented actress ‘Hellen Lukoma” among other talented casts from Limit Production.

Girls want to be thought of as smart, capable, strong, and compassionate than beautiful. Those things all persist long after beauty fades. They never want to completely phase out of the eyes of the world, they hide their true colors and constantly live the life they don’t own at times.

You want to know about girls, those who think and believe they run the world. You want to know about girls, grab your pen, a cheap diary from Nasser road, Seat in the Bus and enjoy the scenes of unfolding the hardest human to understand, close your eyes and listen to the voices and feel the emotions in the world of girls. Note down the ” Mistakes Girls Do”.

Coming Soon on your Screens. #UgandaFilms

For the Love of the Uganda Movie Industry


The New World Of Cropped Pants for Men

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In the past years, the way “Ugandan” Men wear pants hasn’t changed much nor fast. Literally, over the past times, pants should cover the top of your shoe with a defined crease where your shoe meets your ankle or your pants cover your uncles. However, in the past year, the cropped/cuffed pants trend has been making it’s way into mainstream retail, dodging through until its rise.


Commenting on women’s dress and skirt lengths has been the subject of frenzied fashion talk not only since mankind set its mind to the task of covering up, but also when Father Lokodo (Minister of Ethics) made it a county concern. But recently, fluctuations in the length of men’s trousers have caused raised eyebrows and head scratching too. In the New Era, the most fashionable trousers are finishing a number of inches above the masculine ankle,sending some guys into a sartorial tailspin not…

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The New World Of Cropped Pants for Men

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In the past years, the way “Ugandan” Men wear pants hasn’t changed much nor fast. Literally, over the past times, pants should cover the top of your shoe with a defined crease where your shoe meets your ankle or your pants cover your uncles. However, in the past year, the cropped/cuffed pants trend has been making it’s way into mainstream retail, dodging through until its rise.


Commenting on women’s dress and skirt lengths has been the subject of frenzied fashion talk not only since mankind set its mind to the task of covering up, but also when Father Lokodo (Minister of Ethics) made it a county concern. But recently, fluctuations in the length of men’s trousers have caused raised eyebrows and head scratching too.  In the New Era, the most fashionable trousers are finishing a number of inches above the masculine ankle,  sending some guys into a sartorial tailspin not experienced since soccer player David Beckham wore a sarong (a fancy word for a wrap-around skirt) in 1998. 

Truly, this version was diverted from the old thoughts of the outfit being for a group of Moslem (Bakafili), who used it as a way to keep their trousers far from dust. Eventually, Fashionistas diverted it, owned it and Nailed it.


The Usually Self-Styled outfit has taken over, from being the best room of comfort, to planting seeds of sense to style and fashion. The Cropped pants have given much freedom to shoe lovers (Those that like showing off).

In Uganda, i must say CirocUg Brand Ambassador , Proprietor Asfas and C.E.O Abryanz Collection is the among the few stylists who gave the cropped pants a more fresh look and sold it more, made it popular and eased through to hit a number of red Carpets. Cropped pants have until today been the most common outfit on different kinds of fashion shows, Red carpets, Offices among other environments. Its what has given the old Fashioned Suits an alarm for their stay.

Cropped above the ankle, worn with no socks

This is a look not for the faint-heated, you will need to be fully committed.
Keep the look simple with good tailoring. The trousers need to be very slim, especially towards the hem. This look can be worn with or without a cuff.
Because the short trousers length can make the wearer look short, he should be of a medium to tall height, and of a slim physique.
The shoes worn should be a good brogue or loafer, and they should be well polished and looked after.
If you can style the outfit well, socks can be worn with this length. However, if done poorly, you will look like a school boy who has outgrown his clothes.

Below are the does and don’t s of the cropped pants.

  • DO: Let your cropped pants fall an inch above your ankle.
  • DON’T: Wear anything above ankle socks when your cropped pants aren’t cuffed.
  • DO: Wear chunky shoes.The bulk of this look should be in the shoes, not the socks. Because this look exposes your shoes, don’t be afraid to show off!
  • DON’T: Wear wide-leg cropped pants. When it comes to this look, width is very important. The narrower the better. You can, however, get away with a strictly straight leg pants.
  • DO: Wear ankle boots. They work very well with this trend, and for the colder months approaching.

“Uganda’s approach towards film is totally different”-AMVCA 2017 nominee Mageye Hassan Says.

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Habitual procrastinators will readily testify to all the lost opportunities, missed deadlines, failed relationships and even monetary losses incurred just because of one nasty habit of putting things off until it is often too late. Alan Dean once said, “The thing all writers do best is find ways to avoid writing.” I admit am in the same pool, but here am at it again.

Multi-Award winner, many times continental award nominee, the reigning Uganda Film Festival Actor of the year and Director New Cinema Production “Hassan Mageye” has yet again installed hope in the hearts of the hard working movie makers with his recent accomplishments. Having started the year with pace, Mageye’s new production ‘EPIDEMIC’ was nominated in the 2017 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards in the category of Best Movie (East Africa).

He was part of the event that was held at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

Asked about the opportunity to grace this year’s edition of the prestigious awards, he says “it feels great to be able to lift our country , movies high to the level we all want.”

Most of the time in different departments of the entertainment industry in Uganda, when an individual goes out of the country to represent, its part of their responsibilities to find out gaps that we need to fill to reach a better position, or identify areas of weaknesses to be polished so as to get works to the platforms they deserve. In his words, Mageye says, “The African film industry is growing so fast, its this time I admit that we are soon exporting quality works and entertainment to America and Europe. However, Uganda ‘s approach towards film is totally different”.

It will take time to catch up, but we have to apply long term methods, study film , collaborating with these top film making nations in Africa is a better route to take ,this will give us more polished skills, do cross over projects and that’s what will drive us to  recognition and international image for the Uganda Film Industry at large, “Mageye further adds”.

Having tasted the challenges, the New Cinema Productions Director says we locally need to improve what we give to our fans, ensure that we do good quality movies, learn the marketing business of this work , and brand our stars.  In Africa’s best film making countries, stars are stars and are well branded.g

Mageye is also blessed with another nomination in Kenya’s River-wood Academy Awards 2017 for his two Movies ‘Invisible Cuffs’ and ‘Epidemic’ for Best East African Movie category. The RiverWood Academy Awards is coming up on 11th March 2017 and the jury just completed the selection process. The unveiling ceremony took place on 22nd February 2017 at Alliance Francaise- Nairobi.

Therefore, after the AMVCAs, Mageye is heading to Nairobi to attend the Riverwood Academy Awards Ceremony. And he will then focus on upcoming project ‘The Devil’s Chest’. Lets keep the hard work, triple efforts and drive the ugandan Movie Industry to where we want it to be, less taking more good works. Stay blessed. #SupportUgFilms